Author: Danielle Lee

  • December 2021 Reflection

    When people begin to follow Jesus, they are surprised by many things:  His miracles, His kindness, His wisdom, His love and compassion…  But one of the biggest surprises is his humility.  Jesus did […]

  • Remembrance Day

    By: Danielle Lee This Month we remember the soldiers who fought for our freedoms and for those who lost their lives. We thank each and everyone of them for their […]


    Sturgeon Hospital is seeking donations of toiletry items for patients. The following items are in short supply: toothpaste toothbrushes shampoo combs brushes If you are willing and able to help […]

  • Covid and God

    By: Danielle Lee God has laid on my heart this hard topic for this newsletter. Firstly, I want to share a passage with you from Jeremiah 29:11. It says…  For […]

  • Above All

    By: Danielle Lee ‘Above all else’ is a phrase that has been used time and time again. It is often used in vows to one-another to encompass your deep connection […]

  • Updated Covid Protocols

    CCC COVID-19 Protocols – Alberta Open for Summer Plan As we gather back at the church, we are reducing the number of protocols to align with the revisedAlberta Government guidelines. […]