Above All

By: Danielle Lee

‘Above all else’ is a phrase that has been used time and time again. It is often used in vows to one-another to encompass your deep connection and relationship. In Christianity, however, it means that above the messiness of life, above all of your individual emotions, God comes first.

Above All is a famous hymn that was composed in 1995 by Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche. It was sung by Michael W. Smith at President Bush’s inaugural prayer ceremony in 2001 which is what made it the hymn it is today.

The words of this hymn speak of wonder and determination to praise and honour only God. The words say…

Above all powers, above all kings
Above all nature and all created things
Above all wisdom and all the ways of man
You were here before the world began

Above all kingdoms, above all thrones
Above all wonders the world has ever known
Above all wealth and treasures of the earth
There’s no way to measure what You’re worth

Above anything else: all power; all of his immaculate creations; all the wisdom that man has; all money; all wonderings – God is bigger and greater than all of it. He come first.

The biggest and best part of the song comes at the chorus…

Crucified, laid behind a stone
You lived to die, rejected and alone
Like a rose, trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me
Above all

Like a rose, trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me
Above all

The song directs the listening ears to the death of Jesus. The ultimate price that God paid… for us.

Like a rose, trampled on the ground. He went through excruciating torture because he loved us.

You took the fall and thought of me. He did. He did this for us.

Above all. The immaculate words and phrase that gives us recognition of what Jesus did for us and how much he loves us. No one could ever love us the way he does.


Try to remember that God is our one faithful God. He loves us. He answers our prayers. He is above everything in our lives.