Updated Covid Protocols

CCC COVID-19 Protocols – Alberta Open for Summer Plan

As we gather back at the church, we are reducing the number of protocols to align with the revised
Alberta Government guidelines. As the guidelines change throughout the year, we will make the
appropriate changes at the church.

Overall, all restrictions and guidelines have been removed for places of worship. While these
restrictions have been removed, please remember that some people are more comfortable with
these changes than others. People are encouraged to move forward at a level of caution as they are
comfortable with. Managing your own level of risk is important to making decisions on how to
proceed under the Alberta Open for Summer Plan. Some factors to consider regarding assessing
your personal risk are listed at the end of this document.

Changes to the CCC Protocols:
● Masks are no longer required;
● The 2 m distancing requirement is no longer required;
● Floor markings have been removed;
● Requirements for recording names and contact information are no longer required;
● Offering collection will recommence with additional precautions; and,
● Singing will recommence.

Protocols remaining in place:
● Sanitization of high touch points will continue;
● Sanitization of the tables after each service will continue;
● Tables and chair configuration will remain in place to allow for less congestion and
distancing where people would like to maintain distance;
● Hand sanitizer will continue to be available; and,
● Government requirements regarding contact with positive cases, travel or symptoms remain
in place.

If you are not feeling well, please consider staying home. As the Government
guidelines and restrictions are frequently changing, this document will not be
updated with each change. CCC will adhere to the most current guidelines that are
found online at: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx

General updates:
● Upon entering the church, please use the hand sanitizer available at the welcome table.
● On communion Sundays, there will be individually wrapped elements for you to pick up on
your way into the sanctuary. A gluten free option is available.
● Offering: Online E-Transfer or one of the other methods listed in the newsletter is
encouraged; however, the offering will be included as part of worship again. Plates will not
be passed from individual to individual, but will be held by one or two volunteers who will
move through the congregation for the collection.

CCC COVID-19 Protocols
● The tables, washrooms and high touch surfaces are sanitized after every service as well as
once during the week prior to the Sunday morning service.
● The Air Exchange will be used during all services or activities in the sanctuary to ensure
proper ventilation. When reasonable, windows will be opened and fans will be used to assist
with ventilation.

Children in Worship
As children under the age of 12 are not eligible for the vaccination, continued precautions will
remain in place in accordance with the Stage 3: Guidance for Activities with Children 11 and
● The number of children in the nursery will be limited to small groups.
● A health checklist should be completed for all children in the nursery.
● The number of toys in the nursery will be limited and will require sanitization at the
beginning and end of the Sunday morning.
● Parents of regular attending children are encouraged to bring a few toys or colouring books
from home.
● Children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary during services.
Protocols for if a case is discovered at the church (child or adult) will be consistent with the
protocols previously laid out. If an individual has symptoms, they will be isolated and required to
leave the facility and follow the Alberta Health Services requirements.

Assessing Personal Risk (taken from Alberta government Open For Summer Plan website)

Factors that increase COVID-19 risk:
● You are not fully vaccinated yet.
● You regularly interact with children 11 and under who cannot be vaccinated yet.
● You attend crowded indoor spaces.
● You have risk factors for severe health outcomes from COVID-19.

Factors that lower COVID-19 risk:
● You are fully vaccinated.
● You mostly socialize outdoors, instead of indoors.
● You have a small social circle.
● You can normally maintain distancing from other people.

CCC COVID-19 Protocols
Additional precautions (taken from Alberta government Open For Summer Plan website)
The best thing you can do to support your health and reduce the risk to the broader community is
to get vaccinated. Vaccines are our best protection against COVID-19 and the safest and most
effective way to protect against infection and severe illness.

Additionally, all Albertans should:
● practice good hand and respiratory hygiene
● stay home when they are sick
If you have risk factors as described above, it is reasonable to consider additional precautions such
● avoiding or limiting time spent in crowded indoor places
● minimizing close contact with anyone showing cold-like symptoms
● continuing to use a face mask

Important Reference Webpages:
General COVID Information: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx
Open for Summer Plan: https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-public-health-actions.aspx