In Uncertain Times

by Rob Lee:

Read Matthew 6: 25-34
Key Verse
27: “Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

Like most of you, I spend time worrying about many things in life.  Perhaps today, it is about not wanting to get or pass along COVID-19 – do I wear a mask or not?  And let’s not forget about the impact COVID-19 is having on the economy – people are losing their jobs!  When will school start again? What will it be like?  I am bored of sitting at home!  I miss hugging my children and grandchildren!  Will life ever return to normal?

What about the unrest and racial tension in the US that is now spreading into Canada and around the world?  When will the violence end?

Perhaps you are caught up and anxious about these world events?  Perhaps you are also facing your own uncertainties with regards to your own health prognosis or you are wondering how you will manage to cover your bills and provide for your family.

For Consistory we too worry about finding the right time to re-open the church and in such a way that is safe for all to return.  We are currently without a Pastor – so who will deliver the messages?  What does a worship service look like with social distancing and without singing? How will we encourage one another and others to embrace and thrive in the new normal?

Well in this week’s meditation, Jesus tells us not to worry as it will do us no good.  But this simple advice from Jesus must have a deeper meaning.  After all, being anxious and worrying are a human trait that we all have and all of us go through from time to time.  I am sure that most of you have felt anxious in taking a test or exam or even going to a doctor and them waiting for results.  So how is it possible for us not to worry?

In looking at this passage, I believe Jesus is really asking us to focus on the gifts that God has given us rather than worrying about areas in our life where we have no control.  And we should take Jesus’ advice to “take it one day at a time and don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow” (v.34).  One of those gifts that God has given us is the ability to pray for those areas in our life where we have no control. Other abilities we have are remembering our many blessings and encouraging one another. And as our relationship grows with and in Christ, we can worry less as God holds us in His mighty arms. He also encourages us to reach out and be a blessing to others. I close in using words from Joy Petroelje from Words of Hope: “In times of uncertainty we can choose joy in the present instead of fear over the future and bless God as a result.  We can let him take care of each tomorrow, since He loves us more than anything else in creation.  What a great blessing! What a reassuring gift!”