Prayer vigil

Minny Nicolay and Becky Wulkan have both been diagnosed with cancer and are working with doctors for treatment.  We know the fear and uncertainty this creates is compounded by the safety protocols and restrictions needed to protect everyone from COVID-19.  Working with the deacons, we have put together a prayer vigil and would like to invite you to participate so that we can collectively lift these two women and their families up in prayer.

What is a prayer vigil exactly? A prayer vigil is a predetermined amount of time that a group of people devotes entirely to prayer.  Prayer vigils can last for 24 hours to several months.  We plan to do a 24 hour vigil which will be divided into 30 minute slots. We are asking people to sign up for one or more slots. In this way, prayers are being offered up from our Christian family continuously (1 Thessalonians 5:17 – pray without ceasing) 

What does this look like?  First off, it is NOT you rambling on trying to fill 30 minutes.  Prayer is a conversation with God – a way of relating to God – that means God gets a turn to talk to you as well.  This happens through reading your bible, songs and music or devotionals.  Take turns with God – pray a bit, listen and let God speak through His word or songs, etc. pray some more and listen some more.  A conversation.

How does work?  Click on the link below to get to the signup sheet.  You DO NOT need to sign in!  Just click on the spot you would like.  The page shows you a whole week but only the times for Saturday and Sunday are active.  The rest is greyed out. You will receive a confirmation right away plus a reminder before the vigil begins.

Before your time begins, you need to prepare a few things.  Find a place where distractions will be at a minimum (turn your cell phone off).  This can be a room in your home, a spot in your garden, in your vehicle, wherever works for you.  Have your bible, music, devotional materials, etc ready at hand as well as a clock.  You want to be able to begin just as the person before you ends.  Before it is your time to pray, take a few moments to quiet your heart and mind so that you will be totally focused on your time with God.

Minny and Becky and their families need our prayer support.  Let’s take time to talk to God without ceasing on their behalf.

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