Job Opportunities

Community Care Coordinator (Part time)
– Application deadline: June 20, 2023

Christ Community Church (CCCSA) seeks to employ a qualified and passionate servant of Jesus as a Community Care Coordinator. The coordinator will lead CCCSA’s effort in her desired goal to build connections and relationships in local neighbourhoods in NE St. Albert. The coordinator will be a servant of the church working in the community. The coordinator will create pathways to Christian faith by inviting (gently) people to begin sharing life together and experience living the Jesus way, even if they do not believe or have other faith convictions. The coordinator will oversee the development of a volunteer network in the community that encourages and supports the growth of local relationships intentionally directed to both community care and celebration. Neighbours will be encouraged to know each other and care for each other in a non-professional capacity. The coordinator will mobilize local neighbours to work together to resolve challenges in isolation, mental health, poverty, and community well-being, and coordinate volunteers to provide non-professional physical and social care for seniors, families in need, and persons with disabilities.

The coordinator will oversee the creation and growth of a Community Skills registry. The coordinator will also encourage and support small-scale community celebrations such as block parties. The coordinator will network with existing community groups and organizations to explore and cooperate on shared objectives.

A successful applicant for this position is/has:
● a committed follower of Jesus willing to regularly attend (minimum twice monthly) Christ Community Church for the entire length of the program.
● a good listener
● a skilled verbal and written communicator/storyteller. Must be fluent in English.
● comfortable using social media and online tools.
● a person with a strong personal history of compassion, service and play lived out with people of many ages and diverse cultural or faith backgrounds.
● a strong networker with skill and organization to facilitate natural and professional connections.
● formal theological training at a Bible School, University or Seminary.
● formal training (preferred) in social work, counselling or community development.
● experience or training using technical tools that gather and organize large amounts of information.
● experience using Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint or equivalent document editing/publishing/presenting programs

Position term: Two-years, with extension possible dependent on an evaluation of process and outcomes, and the availability of renewed funding.
Position: Half-time (averaging 18 hours per week)
Salary: $30,000 to $35,000 depending on training and experience